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Professional brunette beauty in İstanbul

Loredana from Russia is 6 years old in the industry and is all alive and kicking. She is particularly popular for her great sexual energy. Loredana is a dominatrix and the challenge is what invites me to her. She dares you to show her your best and she will take to the heights of pleasure.

Loredana loves to dress up in the typical leather corset suit and often carries a hunter to make the experience look real. She is through and through the dominant character in the act. She is proudly so and only takes clients who are looking for the experience of a submissive.

However, she can also be kinky if it is so desired. She can turn it down to a pleasant act, or even tune it up to something very exciting as required. Loredana, through her years of experience has learned to be perfect in her act. She takes special requests from her clients and does as best as possible to fulfill them.

Loredana loves to play pool and she often hangs out with her friends to the pubs and bars to catch a round of pool. Though she is not a professional one, she is quite good at it.

1 Hour
250 €
2 Hours
400 €
3 Hours
500 €
1000 €
Plus Taxi
50 €

Loredana is the prettiest 23 year-old I have laid my eyes on. She is gorgeous, charming and an instant winner. Her sexy smile and perfect curves explain why she is called the queen of hearts.

Chris M.

Kız arkadaşımla birlikte gruba davet ettim Diana’yı, kabul etti. Yalnız sevişirken kız arkadaşımı unuttum hatunun güzelliğinden, bunun haricinde bir problem yok. Memnun oldum.

Kadir Tunca


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