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About Istanbul

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Gezi Park Protest Effects on Sex Business in Istanbul

Top Five Places (Not Bars or Night Clubs) to meet an Escort in Istanbul


Independent, Incall and Outcall Sex in Central Istanbul

Escorts and transvestites are waiting on the corner of Galatsaray Square facing the war memorial is the Yapi Kredi bookshop with, attached to it, the wonderful Yapi Kredi Vedat Nedim Tör Museum and Kazim Taşkent Art Gallery. This hosts a regular program of classy free exhibitions covering everything from history and archeology to painting and photography. We love it.You can also try call girls in Istanbul and find cheap or high class Istanbul escort girls.

istiklal Street in Istanbul

Around Galatasaray Square

In the small square Istanbul escort agencies are located where Yeni Çarşi Caddesi cuts across İstiklal Caddesi there stands a monument to the fiftieth anniversary of the Turkish Republic in 1973 designed by the sculptor Şadi Çalik. Nearby the Danişman Geçidi (once the Hazzopulo Pasaji) leads past a few shops to a cobbled courtyard which houses one of İstiklal Caddesi’s few remaining traditional tea gardens. It was here that leading lights of the Young Turk movement including Ahmed Midhat Efendi and Namik Kemal published their controversial newspaper İbret (Warning). Prostitution and escort girls are available for different price ranges.Independent EscortsRussian escorts, Polish escorts, Hungarian escorts, Swedish escorts and local Turkish escort girls you can find in istanbul.

galata tower

It was the Byzantine Emperor Justinian who

first erected a tower on this site in 528, but it was the Genoese who started work on the hefty tower that currently stands here in 1348-49. At that time what was called the Tower of Christ formed part of the walls of what was effectively a separate town facing Constantinople across the Bosphorus.
During the reign of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent (1494-1566) the tower served as a prison. Later it accommodated members of the Mehter, the Ottoman military band, while in the second half of the 20th century it was used as a lighthouse. Today the 61-meter-tall tower houses a restaurant and nightclub (see below), as well as providing a vantage point from which visitors can obtain
a 360° view of Istanbul.

According to the Ottoman travel writer Evliya Çelebi, in 1638 Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi strapped on home-made wings and managed to fly from the top of the Galata Tower in Europe to Doğancılar Meydanı in Üsküdar in Asia, thus completing the first intercontinental flight. In return for his efforts Sultan Murad IV sent him into exile in Algeria. The story featured in the 1996 Turkish film “Istanbul Under My Wings”.
Recently the small square at the base of the tower has been restored and is now a popular meeting ace. Focal point the fine Bereket-ade fountain originally donated to a mosque by Bereketzade Hacı Ali Ağa just after the conquest of Istanbul in 1453 Other Genoese survivals

Few other traces of the Genoese fortifications survive today since what remained of the walls was demolished in 1864-5. However, the remains of a medieval gate adorned with the cross of St George, a symbol of Genoa, and two coats of arms can be seen on the Harap (Ruined) Gate in Yarak Kapı (Burnt Gate) Sokak in Azapkapi (see p.273). A couple of Genoese civil buildings dating back to 1314 survive in Kart Çınar Sokağı. The most important is also the most dejected: what was once the Podestat where the Genoese governor held court. Designed by Montano de Marinis, it was a copy of the San Giorgio Palace in Genoa. Its front faces onto Bankalar Caddesi (see p.274) and looks as if it belongs to the 19th century; only from the rear can you credit that it is an early 14th-century building. The street name “Büyük Hendek Sokak (Big Moat Street)” also commemorates the lost Genoese fortifications.
The Galata Tower’s bell is displayed in the Istanbul Archeological Museum.
“Say Istanbul and towers come to mind lf I paint one, the others arejealous. Kizkulesi ought to know better: She should marry the Galata lower and breed little towerlets.”
The Saga of Istanbul by Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, 1974

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Author : Amber Elson


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