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A Day with an Escort in İstanbul: The Possibilities

If Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman has hooked on to your idle imagination and you find yourself woolgathering on scenes from the movie, you can chance it and see how the experience goes for you. Single men with an open mind can take the plunge and hire themselves the company of a lovely escort in Istanbul. The arrangement is rife in Istanbul for single and private tourists who prefer to have company than not. It is one of those amenities that accessorize modern lives on occasions that call for it. You can have a great time with an Istanbul escort if you would like to be.

A Private Noon in a Patio or an Outhouse
There are basically two ways in which you can spend your day in the company of a lovely woman. You can either split the day by two and have some of both, or just stick to one and make the best of it. If you are not people’s person and certainly not looking to have an outdoor time, then spending some private time with her in a quite summer afternoon in Istanbul. If you are staying in a villa in Istanbul, this can be the perfect way to while away the time in peace and quiescence. Grill some barbeque in the garden and have them served on a garden table. Brew up a fine few glasses of cocktails and you have all you need. Talk as much as you want to, or let the intoxication kick in as she leads you in.

A Dinner Date Followed by a Round of Drinks at Your Place
The idea of a dinner date is indeed clichéd and not so preferred when it comes to an escort, but if you are looking to spend some good time, it can’t get better than this. For most people, imagination comes to a halt in bed when it comes to spending time in company with an escort. If you are more than that, surely you can get creative enough to make the night special. Order the best wine or champagne in the house, if spending a little cash is okay with you. A stroll by the Bosphorus, and sauntering through the Grand Bazaar area may have oozing charm with an Istanbul escort.
Going by your definition of fun and good time, plan a day with an escort and live a day from the life of Edward Lewis!


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  • Zekeriya Oflu Says

    İmkanlar dahilinde istanbul escort kızları ile her türlü ilişki yaşayabilirsiniz. İmkanlar ne, imkanları nasıl oluşturabiliriz diyorsanız bu tamamen sizin kızlar karşısında sergilediğiniz hal ve hareketlere bağlı. Kimi kız ile 2 saat randevu ayarlarsanız, ama siz kızdan hoşlanırsa tüm gün sizinle kalır gibi gibi…

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